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Mark Drennan is an accomplished executive leader with a strong background in streamlining government processes, reducing regulations, and maximizing the efficient use of resources. His passion lies in making West Virginia a better place to work, enjoy, and raise a family. With extensive experience in the behavioral healthcare field, Mark has made significant contributions to the industry and the community.

Mark currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the West Virginia Behavioral Healthcare Providers Association (WVBHPA) since 2011. In this role, he leads the association, representing behavioral health providers and fostering relationships with local, state, and federal governmental leaders. He serves as the spokesperson for the association, advocating its interests with the media, stakeholders, and elected officials. Mark provides strategic direction to the behavioral health delivery system and has successfully worked towards passing new licensure standards for the industry. He skillfully negotiates with government bodies, payers such as Medicaid and managed care organizations, and regulators. Mark also plays a pivotal role in organizing and hosting the Association's Annual Senior Leaders Conference, which brings together industry professionals to address critical issues in behavioral healthcare.

In addition to his role at WVBHPA, Mark served as a West Virginia State Senator. Appointed by the Governor, he actively participated in various committees, including Finance, Economic Development, Energy, Education, Banking and Insurance, and Technology. Mark's tenure as a senator provided him with invaluable insights into the legislative process and further strengthened his commitment to improving West Virginia.

Mark's expertise extends to healthcare benefit plans as well. He served as the Chairman of the Behavioral Healthcare Association Benefit Plan Trust from 2012 to 2019. In this capacity, he oversaw the health insurance plan provided to the members of the Association, ensuring its effectiveness and viability.

Before joining the WVBHPA, Mark held key positions at the Children's Home Society, the largest children's behavioral health provider in the state. As Chief Strategy Officer, he implemented a 21st-century board governance model and chaired the Development Committee of the Children's Home Society of America. Mark's accomplishments also include successfully completing a capital campaign and leading the implementation of a new electronic health record system, resulting in significant cost savings over the long term.

Mark's dedication to community well-being and his ability to foster partnerships are evident in his involvement with various boards and councils. He has served on the National Council for Behavioral Health, Governor's Advisory Council on Substance Abuse, Medical Services Fund Advisory Council, Behavioral Health Planning Council, Recovery Point Advisory Council, and the Three Branch Initiative in partnership with the Casey Foundation, among others.

Mark holds a Master of Social Work degree from West Virginia University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from West Virginia State University. His commitment to professional development is evident through his role as an Adjunct Professor of Public Policy at WVU and participation in leadership programs such as Leadership Kanawha Valley and Leadership Louisville's Ignite Louisville.

Mark resides in Winfield with his wife Sarah and their sons Alec and Connor. With his exceptional leadership abilities, extensive experience, and passion for improving West Virginia, Mark Drennan is well-equipped to drive positive change as he leads Liberty Consulting to achieve its mission.

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